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Enright Headboard & TV Cabinet

Enright Headboard & TV Cabinet

Dimensions:  Headboard: 112 x 30 x 48
                         TV Cabinet: 80 x 24 x 35

Materials:  Headboard: cherry, ebony, & granite;
TV Cabinet: cherry, ebony, & granite

Description:  The sloping section of the headboard opens for pillow storage. The back side of the headboard has shelves behind doors for added storage. When the television is turned on with the remote, the center section of the TV cabinet raises to reveal the television. When the television is turned off, the center section retracts, concealing the television. The side sections of the TV cabinet have shelving to store extra bedding.

Additional Information:  Two low voltage halogen lights direct reading light to one or both sides of the bed.  The detail photo shows the storage areas on the back side of the headboard.